Moe Ingenuity

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Moe Ingenuity is very early in its development.
A Business Plan is being drawn up for the first product.
Once the total cost is determined to get the product to the marketplace and/or online,
Moe Ingenuity will be seeking financing.

No money will be spent until the whole amount needed to put the product on a shelf is obtained.  It doesn’t make sense to start the product and spend a lot of time and money and then never have enough money to get it to the marketplace.
Moe Ingenuity
feels very strongly about this!!

Exciting Things To Look Forward To As This Company Grows:
1.  Frequently Asked Questions will become available as they arise.

2.  Survey’s will be put on the website for people to fill out.  These will be used to determine if a new product  Moe Ingenuity wants to develop, would be interesting to people.

3.  Opportunities to participate in Focus Groups will be posted, where prototypes of a product will be used and opinions will be shared.

4.  There will be incentives to fill out survey’s and participate in Focus Groups.

5.  As Products hit the marketplace, there will be information where you can buy the product or order it from the website.

6.  There will be a place to get the manuals for each product.

7.  How you can take the opportunity to invest in Moe Ingenuity, will be posted.